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Auto Carpet Cleaning

auto carpet cleaning in progress

The carpets in your car have to handle a lot. They can quickly become dirty with mud, dust, pet hair, grease and all manner of other substances, which can make them quite unpleasant. Leaving car carpets dirty will ultimately lead to bad odors in the vehicle, and of course, passengers will then track whatever they pick up in the car, into your home. Having your car carpets cleaned is just a sensible way of making sure your vehicle remains comfortable, and also cuts down the amount of dirt which you’ll ultimately need to clean out of your property. A worthwhile investment.

Auto carpet cleaning processes

The processes we use at Orlando Auto Detailing for cleaning your car carpets are all professional and high tech, using the best products available. There are different options depending on the carpet or upholstery type, the condition it is in and any specific stains or odors we need to tackle. Our team will select the best cleaning processes and products once they have assessed the job in hand, to make sure your carpets are left sanitized, clean and free from odor, allergens and contaminants.

Can’t I do the same job myself, at home?

There are some steps you can take yourself to keep your car’s carpets clean but the best finish will be achieved with professional products and equipment. We know that many customers simply don’t have the time to deal with keeping their car interior as clean as they want to. But they’re also delighted by the service and price available through our dedicated team here in Orlando. Don’t struggle with cleaning your car interior and carpets yourself, come to our service location and we can help with a professional detailing which leaves your car healthy and clean, just like the day you bought it.

Auto carpet cleaning, allergens and odors

Having the carpets and other upholstery in your car cleaned is a good way of totally removing any dust, mites, dirt, pet hair, pollen or other things which may trigger problems in people with allergies. If you, your family, or your regular vehicle passengers have any sort of allergy or breathing issues it’s a worthwhile way to make their ride more comfortable. And of course, another common issue in a well used car is that bad odors can hang around. Our professional cleaning services are a good way to make sure your car smells the same as it did when you first got it, even if you regularly transport fast food, pets, or anything else which can cause vehicle odors.

Our auto carpet cleaning service

We have a full range of auto detailing services available for all our customers here in Orlando. Just give us a call to talk through the vehicle you have, the condition and what is concerning you, and a member of the team will be able to advise you on the packages and cleaning options which will work best. Together we will have your car looking pristine again, inside and out.

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