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Car Wax and Glass Care

car wash by hand in progress

Some aspects of car detailing are more about pride than anything else. But keeping the glass on your car clean and clear is a safety issue as much as it is about the visual appeal of your vehicle. Cleaning the car windows is a thankless task. It takes time to get it right, and of course, your car does only attract more dirt, bugs and so on. Let us deal with it so you don’t have to.

We also offer professional car wax services which are custom made to your car and your requirements. Give us a call so we can talk through the products and approaches which may work for your particular vehicle.

Car wax processes and products

Orlando Auto Detailing can wax your car to go from a dull and tired looking finish to a sharp reflective shine much like it had on the day you bought it. We do this thanks to having access to the best available products, and can choose between using a hand or electric buffer depending on the vehicle and your personal requirements. Waxing protects your paintwork, and really brings your car back to life, and of course, having a freshly waxed vehicle on your driveway is sure to make the neighbors notice.

Glass care options

Keeping the glass in your car clean and clear is crucial. Smears and dirt can cause accidents as they distract the driver and can block visibility at key points when driving. But cleaning car windows is a chore which may often be overlooked. Leave it to us to get the job done right. We know the best ways to clean your windows, from bug removal to dealing with tinted and protected glass finishes, so your car is safe, clean and ready to drive away.

Can’t I just do the same job myself at home?

Having properly cleaned windows in your car is a safety issue and not something you should take lightly. You’ll need to make sure your vehicle is kept in good condition all round, of course, but if your windscreen or other glass is smeared or dirty, you could run into immediate problems. Don’t leave it to chance. Our glass care is done by professionals who have access to the highest levels of products, and have years of experience in how best to get glass clean and sparkling in all manner of different vehicle types.

Our car wax and glass care service

Many of our customers come to us because of a recommendation from friends, colleagues and family members. We are happy to get these word of mouth referrals, because it means that the people we serve appreciate the work we do. If you want to know more about the services we offer - and see what the fuss is all about - get in touch with a member of the team. From car wax and glass care services, to car washing, interior detailing, odor removal and more, we can have your car in the best condition it has ever been in less time - and with a lower price tag - than you may expect.

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